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Everything is Vibration...

What you have in your hands right now is the single most powerful guide to help you unlock consistent and safe Astral Projections.

In just a moment you can start reading the full book and learn all the methods, techniques and secrets that have been the missing link for you.

But everyone has a different starting point… 

Maybe you’re someone who’s has never had an Out of Body Experience before? 

Consistent Lucid Dreams? 

Years of Meditation Experience?

or maybe you’ve never even tried Visualising before!

Then no matter how advanced or great the methods are that you’re learning…

You’re still going to need to build an actual foundation for these skills.

Which could take days, weeks, months… maybe even years to develop depending on your situation!

But what if you could entirely skip that?

What if you could tune yourself instantly to the right vibrational stage… the same way an expert would have only after years of dedicated practice?


That’s exactly what Binaural Beats Brainwave Mastery was designed to accomplish!

We’ve created, tested, modified, tested again, modified again over and over again…

Till we had the pitch perfect vibrational tones designed specifically for Astral Projection.

And I now want to share the fruits of our labor with you.

So you don’t have to spend agonizing hours trying to figure out what a “vibration” is on your own in the blind.

But rather jump straight to the action and start Astral Projecting!

There aren’t a lot of shortcuts on a spiritual awakening journey… but this might be the closest thing to it to have ever been made.

What's Inside?

This is the Secret Sauce that makes everything I mentioned actually happen, detailed explanations, step by step guides and must have information to guarantee your success!

8 Chapters

Complete journal of all our research, guides, methods and tips.

16 Audio Tracks

Hand crafted audiotracks specifically designed for Astral Projection.

56 Pages

We leave no stone un-turned and cover every aspect of Binaural Beats.

greencheck  The Truth behind Binaural Beats (and how they work) – so you can implement them in your life –  making it the single biggest hidden untapped asset  in your spiritual journey…

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