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Hello Godesse...

It’s been said that seduction is a mind game, but it’s never a one-sided encounter.

So if you want to attract, manipulate and tame any man you desire, learn the secrets of the femme fatale and use the techniques of deep seduction to experience his obsession.

Any man can be induced into obsession no matter how impossible it may seem.

Learn the target types (exclusive to this course), how to tailor your seduction to each man you meet, and how to prolong his infatuation for the rest of his life.

Turn your cold ex into a grovelling lover, the narcissist into a prince charming, the guy who you thought was “out of your league” into the guy who won’t stop calling.

The Femme Fatale isn’t born, she is made. Start your transformation today before the secrets disappear forever!

Why did I create this course...

For many years of my life…

I had never been called beautiful.
I’d had my heart broken four times.
I had been cheated on in all my relationships. 

My self-esteem was in the gutter.
I was unpopular, unimportant, and an emotional wreck

The few friends I had would leave me out and call me sensitive. My boyfriends all saw me as ‘needy’ and overly dependent. I had no control over people’s perception of me and the way I was treated.

I wanted to be popular, sexy and confident. 

But I just didn’t know how…
I found myself comparing myself to the other beautiful women in the media and feeling worse every second. I tried to manifest myself into a more seductive person but because of my limiting self-beliefs and terrible self-esteem, nothing worked.

On my birthday last year I realised this had to change.

For 6 months I engrossed myself in learning manipulation techniques and power.

I took 3 courses on dark psychology and realised how applicable everything was to the real world.

I started therapy, shadow work, got a dark femininity mentor, and completely reinvented myself. 

I became a spiritual person, in touch with my sexuality and a confident manipulator. 

Then I put everything into practice…

I started going out to certain places and getting pulled up by guys almost immediately. I started getting asked on dates by guys I would’ve considered way out of my league. I had my cheating ex at my door every day, holding flowers, even though I didn’t want him anymore.

Outside of the realm of men, my life had changed dramatically too. I was now the confident, mysterious and seductive woman I never thought I could be before.

This course is a collection of what I’ve learnt. 

How to connect to your Dark Femininity,
How to Manipulate Men,
and How to be a Femme Fatale.

It also contains intense tactics to make a man obsessed with you. 

Obsession is an uncomfortable, painful and extremely distressing phenomenon. It takes a huge emotional toll on you and gives people a lot of power over you. And contrary to popular belief, obsession is purely psychology. You can occupy anyone’s mind and with practice control it. You can make someone think of you all the time and fall in love with you.

This course is not for the weak. 

I’m very straightforward and to the point with my advice and this may come across cruel to some people. In my eyes, giving you this information is okay. It is all down to how you use it. 

I’ve crushed enough men with these tactics to know that it’s not fun anymore. I’ve had enough people fall for me to know that obsession can have some dangerous consequences. But it can also benefit you in many ways which is why I knew I had to share this with other women across the world.

Learning how to seduce, manipulate and conquer isn’t just to teach you how to destroy men. It also protects you from being hurt by them. 

If you don’t want to annihilate a man I still suggest taking this course. It will teach you how to avoid them being able to annihilate you. Depriving yourself of this awareness will only hinder you – even if you choose not to use it, knowledge is power. 

The girls that get it, get it.

I hope you enjoy this course. Make sure you keep this information a secret. <3

What's Inside the Course?

greencheck  Dark Feminine Energy (& How to Control it) – We’ve spent years being brainwashed to believe that it’s only dangerous, evil or bad… when it’s just not. I will show you how to  use it correctly and safley  for yourself.
greencheck  How to Make Someone Obsessed with you (Step By Step) – Be it for revenge, fun or any other reason.  Making someone obsessed with you is like a form of hypnosis  where they will do anything and everything for you within the snap of your fingers.
greencheck  The Nine Target Types (& How to Conquer Them) – We’re all different but men can usually be placed into 1 of 9 groups.  Once you know them you will never be able to unsee it,  and you will know the exact method to conquer each of them easily.
greencheck  How to heal from a Breakup (& Get your Ex Back) – Have him be  grovelling at your feet, begging you to take him back  within a snap of your fingers… Just to throw them away yourself if you so choose to.
greencheck  And there’s a lot, lot more (Waiting for you inside) – From how to do Shadow Work, Understanding your Shadow Self, Difference between Dark and Light Feminine Energy, How to do an Emotion Purge…  There’s 100+ pages of secrets waiting for you inside…

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What is a Femme Fatale?

Seductive, ambitious, captivating…
Over the centuries, the femme fatale has been attributed many qualities but also many stereotypes.

Frequently used as a synonym for the perfect woman but also for the black widow, the femme fatale is especially put forward for her advantageous physique. 

Although her physiognomy plays a role in the selection criteria, her physique remains a tool that the femme fatale knows how to use. Her biggest secret, however, is her attitude!


The femme fatale is independent: she remains her number one priority

To be a femme fatale is above all to be independent and to think of oneself. Often mistaken for selfishness, this personality trait offers her a wide range of possibilities.

Whether in her career or in what she undertakes, she knows what is good for her. The femme fatale is often financially independent and doesn’t need anyone to carry out her plans.

Yet being independent does not mean being selfish or even less being a bad mother and careerist. 

Angelina Jolie is living proof of this. Actress, mother, producer and UN goodwill ambassador, she is the perfect representation of the independent femme fatale.


The femme fatale is strong and smart

An attractive woman is a woman who is not afraid of anything, who is courageous and who knows how to use her intellectual qualities. 

Stigmatized as cold and manipulative, the femme fatale is still a woman full of challenges. She uses her emotional intelligence to better understand her surroundings and thus protect herself.


The femme fatale knows what she’s worth and won’t let herself be belittled.

The greatest quality of the femme fatale is that she is endowed with great self-confidence. She knows what she’s worth and she won’t let anyone make her believe otherwise. 

Every woman has a potential for seduction. What makes the femme fatale strong is that she knows how to exploit it. 

Being aware of it and knowing how to use it has the consequence that she releases a charisma and an aura that will attract attention.

What are you waiting for?

Today only $27

This price is only be available for a limited time. Once too many people have bought it, the price will increase to $99+

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